Cole Sweeney

August 30, 2011

First Adventure at the Atlanta Zoo

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We walk by this lake on the way

Then  I used the map to plan our day.

Here I am hopping like the Kangaroos in the background.

Way in the background – you can see a big tiger like my favorite stuffed animal.

Liam and I are pretending to be meracats!

We saw a new baby giraffe this morning too.

When we walked home we pass the Cyclorama (largest painting in world) which depicts the Civil War Battle in Atlanta. My Mom kept telling me about Yankees – I thought they were a baseball team.

Now we are napping because we had a LONG fun morning.

August 21, 2011

First bike race – boy did I smoke ‘em on my Skut

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After my race – I sat with my dad and watched the pros. Boy did they go fast – but they also have pedals on their bike. If only I had pedals.

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